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Introduction of automatic basket loading and unloading system  
Automatic basket loading and unloading system is the guarantee for the continuous high efficiency work of the
entire post-sterilization system. It is composed of automatic basket loading system, trolley system and automatic basket unloading system.

Automatic basket loading system  Автоматическая система загрузки корзины
The system features: empty basket will be sent to the loading position which is under the mainframe of loading machine, then the bottom plate of basket will be lifted to the height of basket conveying line by hydraulic
lifting device(the position of bottom plate should be lower than the loading transporting line, and a layer pad
will be placed on the bottom plate ), the layer pad sucker will get and place one layer pad on the bottom plate.
Then products are sent to loading transporting lines by the conveying lines and separated layer by layer, and
each layer products are sent onto the layer pad in the basket, and the hydrauic lifting device falls a height of
one layer followed. This cycle is repeated until the basket is filled with products. This system is controlled by
PLC to save labor and improve production.
Device for automatic absorbing&placing layer pad(Semi-automatic type has no this device, man operating) 
The main frame of this device is placed on the main bady of basket loading&unloading machine.The layer
pad sucker moves back and forth to suck and release the layer pads automatically by negative pressure
generated by vacuum. 
Automatic basket unloading system  Автоматическая система разгрузки корзины
The system features: basket full of products will be sent to the unloading position which is under the
mainframe of unloading machine, then one layer of products will be raised by the hydraulic lifting device
and moved by the transfer machine to the unloading conveyor line. After that, a layer pad will be absorbed
by the layer pad and placed at the layer pad heap lifting device. Then the hydraulic lifting device will fall a
height of one layer. This cycle is repeated until empty the basket. The unloading conveying lines
transport products to the lines for second package. This system is controlled by PLC to save labor and
improve production.
Automatic basket cycle system  Автоматическая система цикла корзины
The system consists of basket transporting lines, basket spin and moving load device and location device. Its function: automatic access to basket loading & unloading machine.
Layer pad heap lifting device(Semi-automatic type has no this device, man operating)
This device is used to collect layer pads and cooperate with the layer pad suction device ).
Trolley system

Function : Shuttle to aid baskets loading and unloading. Baskets lined by a certain number to form a group (the number of baskets should the same as the 
number required by retort), and  trolley will deliver the grouped baskets to each retort. 
Trolley basket complete the turnaround transport of baskets. Power of the whole process is reducer( also can be man transported) and there are electric elements located between the retorts and handling cages, easy to operate.
The intermediate part of trolley and retorts is manual(also can choose hydraulic automatic transition). This part designs to be firm and simple, easy to operate.

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